@tundra tundra authored on 29 Aug 2010
Makefile Removed pre-compilation of program. 12 years ago
READ-1ST.txt Initial Version 12 years ago
TODO Initial revision 12 years ago
WHATSNEW.txt WHATSNEW For 'tren' 1.235 (Fri Aug 27 15:20:52 CDT 2010) 12 years ago
makefile Cleaned up rules for generating pdfs and ps files and enabled parskip option for latex. 12 years ago
setup.py Initial Version 12 years ago
tren-license.txt Modified license to make 'tren' free for all users. 12 years ago
tren.py Fixed bug in case-insensitive replacement introduced by last checkin. 12 years ago
tren.rst Fixed verbatim sections that needed to be wrapped for proper pdf/ps output. 12 years ago