tsshbatch / TODO
@tundra tundra on 10 Jan 2016 1 KB *** empty log message ***

- The -b option has been added to continue after a sudo failure.
  Previous releases of the program stopped all further processing
  on any sudo failure.  With -b, it's now possible to go on to
  the remaining hosts even if one of them failed to do proper
  sudo promotion.

- The -B option has been added to print an informative "banner"
  at the beginning and end of each program run.




- Fixed bug that caused program to exit after a failed
  file transfer even when -a was specified.

- Fixed bug that failed to present user name during key-based
  auth.  This prevented connection when the desired name
  was different than the initating user - say when using
  process IDs instead of "real" users.


- Show incremental output as program executes

- Add ability to try keys first, and if that fails, use a password.

- File Xfer: Renaming

- File Xfer: Globing - what about dirs, do we recurse?

- File Xfer: Allow from within cmd files.

- Options for searching all the command files and hostlistfiles

- Interactive shell?

sudoers Mode

- Capture bad password
- Capture failed command output
- Write the server noise, as it appears to stderr for debug purposes
- Note in docs: In this mode it will HANG waiting for interactive input.
- Note in docs: There is no separation between stdout and sterr in this mode