tsshbatch / TODO







  - Allow variable refs on RHS of .defines
  - Honor ansible style inventory groups/vbls
  - Setup connection as login shell
  - Invert meaning of -V and -v
  - Host Attributes - name:att=val:att=val ... (honor vbls)
  - Specify ssh port - cmd line, cmd file?, host attr?


  - Show incremental output as program executes

  - File Xfer: Renaming - Cmdfile?

  - File Xfer: Globing - what about dirs, do we recurse? - Cmdfile?

  - implement sudoers Mode:

    - Capture bad password
    - Capture failed command output
    - Write the server noise, as it appears to stderr for debug purposes
    - Note in docs: In this mode it will HANG waiting for interactive input.
    - Note in docs: There is no separation between stdout and sterr in this mode