twander / READ-1ST.txt
'twander' QUICKSTART

Everyone seems to hate reading documentation, so this is a fast-track
to getting started with 'twander'.  However, a lot of time and
skull-sweat went into writing THE DOCS and you really should take the
time to read them if you want to truly understand this program and
what it can do for you:

- NOTE: 'twander' is a tool for experienced Power Users and
  Programmers.  You need to understand the command shell and scripting
  on your system in order to effectively use the program.  If you do
  not, you will become quickly frustrated with 'twander', so spare
  yourself the aggravation.

- Unpack the distribution tarball someplace safe.

- Installation is *manual*.  The only exception is on FreeBSD where
  there is a port for this program.  The 'Makefile' in the
  distribution archive is only for the FreeBSD port and should not be
  used elsewhere.  THE DOCS have a nice short section on installation
  on various OSs.

- The example '.twander' configuration file has everything commented
  out.  If you start the program with this configuration, *you will
  have no commands defined*.  Several simple Command Definition
  examples can be found in this file, so you can get started quickly
  by uncommenting one or more of them.  THE DOCS have a nice long
  section on writing command definitions.

- There are a great many defaults for Key Bindings and Program Options
  which can be overriden in the Configuration File.  The example
  '.twander' file provided in the distribution tarball lists every one
  of them (and their default value, if any) as a comment.  The
  simplest way to change a default is to copy the relevant entry,
  uncomment, and edit that copy.  That way you always have
  documentation about the default in your configuration.  Details
  about each of these options can be found in THE DOCS.

- This is a very powerful program with a nifty little macro language.
  You have to READ THE DOCS to really understand and exploit what's
  going on here.

- You would be well served to join the 'twander-users' mailing list as
  documented in THE DOCS.