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twander 3

Version 4 Future

- Remove dependence on mutex module and replace with
  semaphore/queue model.

- Variable width columns

- More OO model - each instance of the program is an object
  OR ... should each directory view be an object?

- Support general plugin mechanism.  Plugin could then have access to
  all current directory views' features (files, selections, hidden,

- Mechanism to save current state in a separate file

  . Save current size/position

  . Persistent clipboards / preload values into clipboard

  . Current values of directory shortcuts

  . User toggled options

- Split new directory processing into queue producer-harvester

- Implement HIDE=regex  configuration file feature.
  This will be a more general form of the DOT options and
  can be used to implement them (or should toggling dotfiles
  always be possible separately?).

- Dynamically size display column widths based on actual
  content rather than fixed worst-case field widths.

- DRIVELIST on Unix: Display mount points

- Enhance configuration language:

  . Anonymous commands - no command key

  . Need smarter quoting mechanisms

    - Escape blanks when FORCEUNIXPATH is active
    - Offer quoted and non-quoted version of the builtins

  . Switch configuration language to tconfpy

  . Named directory ALIASes:

      FOO = /a/b/c

    Means you can type FOO in response to a cd dialog and
    get sent to a/b/c

- Figure out how to get the dialog fonts/sizes to track
  the rest of the program. (Perhaps replace with my own?)

- Also possibly the titlebar fonts.

- Automatic updater


X - Final packaging:

    - FreeBSD Port
    - Screenshot(s)
    - Copy doc to website
    - Copy example configuration to website
    - Copyright update in: License, Program Code, & Documentation