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- Change references to Win32 to just Windows
- Execution variables may not be working

Hey Tim,

I found a broken link on and since I was
researching computer science and needed the page, I found an updated article

The broken link to "Howto for Python" is and I found an article on the front
page of if you wanted to fix it.
Click the tab "Beginner Python Tutorials" to get to the article.

Figure I'd send you an email because others may need that link for the same


Angela Hill

$Id: TODO,v 1.178 2015/07/13 11:27:46 tundra Exp $


- Added PYVERSION and SYSINFO to Internal Variables List

twander 3

- Update the instructions for subscribing to the email list.

- Fix Association BUG: Default with emacs seems not to work on cygwin.

- Fix Association BUG: See /local/etc/ to reproduce
  when two *gz associations are defined.

- Fix BUG: Cannot open Win Desktop with shortcut when
  files stored there contain Spanish accent characters.
  Probably a Unicode bug of some sort.

- Add keyboard option to set refresh interval with bounding
  heuristic on time if user asks for one that is too short.

- Cleanup errors reported by pylint

- Add display of free/used on current volume

- Reorg titlebar to use less space

- Add incremental select feature: -> text

- Add ability to modify options from within running program with option
  to save at end of config file.

- Implement VAR = `foo` type variable assignments.

Version 4 Future

- Autocomplete commands

- Incremental search/completion within current view and
  when selecting new directory.

- Remove dependence on mutex module and replace with
  semaphore/queue model.

- Variable width columns, with ability to select which
  columns are visible.

- More OO model - each instance of the program is an object
  OR ... should each directory view be an object?

- Support general plugin mechanism.  Plugin could then have access to
  all current directory views' features (files, selections, hidden,

- Mechanism to save current state in a separate file

  . Save current size/position

  . Persistent clipboards / preload values into clipboard

  . Current values of directory shortcuts

  . User toggled options

- Split new directory processing into queue producer-harvester

- Implement HIDE=regex  configuration file feature.
  This will be a more general form of the DOT options and
  can be used to implement them (or should toggling dotfiles
  always be possible separately?).

- Dynamically size display column widths based on actual
  content rather than fixed worst-case field widths.

- DRIVELIST on Unix: Display mount points

- Enhance configuration language:

  . Anonymous commands - no command key

  . Need smarter quoting mechanisms

    - Escape blanks when FORCEUNIXPATH is active
    - Offer quoted and non-quoted version of the builtins

  . Switch configuration language to tconfpy

  . Named directory ALIASes:

      FOO = /a/b/c

    Means you can type FOO in response to a cd dialog and
    get sent to a/b/c

- Figure out how to get the dialog fonts/sizes to track
  the rest of the program. (Perhaps replace with my own?)

- Also possibly the titlebar fonts.

- Automatic updater


X - Final packaging:

    - FreeBSD Port
    - Screenshot(s)
    - Make sure .twander example is updated with all new features/changes
    - Copy doc to website
    - Copy example configuration to website
    - Copyright update in: License, Program Code, & Documentation