@tundra tundra authored on 25 Apr 2021
.twander Fixed very minor punctuation problem. 14 years ago
Makefile Added command to all stanza to build the pyo file on the target system. 19 years ago
READ-1ST.txt Removed obsolete reference to a future FreeBSD port. 14 years ago
TODO *** empty log message *** 8 years ago
WHATSNEW.txt WHATSNEW For 'twander' 3.237 (Fri Jun 8 17:46:27 CDT 2012) 11 years ago
makefile Updated ${VERSION} calculation to account for cases where "head" 11 years ago
mktwander Converted to CVS form of log extraction. 11 years ago
twander-license.txt Removed requirement of payment for commercial use. 14 years ago
twander.1 Added section on forced case-insensitive association for POSIX systems. 14 years ago
twander.py don't count . entry when displaying number of files 2 years ago