tundra authored on 1 May 2014
Makefile Corrected suffix on tconfpy documentation. 16 years ago
READ-1ST.txt Added note about the example.cfg file. 16 years ago
WHATSNEW.txt WHATSNEW For 'tconfpy' 2.112 (Sat Jun 9 14:03:06 CDT 2012) 8 years ago
example.cfg Ended last line with linefeed. 15 years ago
makefile Got rid of 'flip' document format conversion. 8 years ago
mktconfpy Added interactive editing of WHATSNEW.txt file. 16 years ago
setup.py Corrected copyright. 15 years ago
tconfpy-license.txt Updated copyright. 15 years ago
tconfpy-spec.txt Noted that the spec is out of date. 15 years ago
tconfpy.3 Removed obsolete reference to mailing list. 6 years ago
tconfpy.py References to "recursive" changed to "circular". 15 years ago
test-tc.1 Cleaned up table of variables created by 'symtbl' option to better fit printed page. 15 years ago
test-tc.py Added 'inmem' command line option. 15 years ago