@tundra tundra authored on 19 Jan 2005
Makefile Corrected suffix on tconfpy documentation. 19 years ago
READ-1ST.txt Added note about the example.cfg file. 19 years ago
WHATSNEW.txt *** empty log message *** 18 years ago
example.cfg Fixed some bad syntax. 18 years ago
makefile Added *.pyc to the clean list. 18 years ago
mktconfpy Added interactive editing of WHATSNEW.txt file. 19 years ago
setup.py Corrected copyright. 18 years ago
tconfpy-license.txt Updated copyright. 18 years ago
tconfpy-spec.txt Noted that the spec is out of date. 18 years ago
tconfpy.3 Explanation of VarDescriptor.Default with Templated Variables. 18 years ago
tconfpy.py Fixed bug wherein templates were not properly being identified within namespaces. 18 years ago
test-tc.1 Updated copyright. 18 years ago
test-tc.py Fix reversal of symbol table and template table in BuildSymTbl(). 18 years ago