@tundra tundra authored on 21 Apr 2004
Makefile Corrected suffix on tconfpy documentation. 20 years ago
READ-1ST.txt Added section on how to bundle the module with programmer's code. 20 years ago
example.cfg Initial revision 19 years ago
mktconfpy Added example.cfg to the distribution. 19 years ago
setup.py Initial revision 20 years ago
tconfpy-license.txt Changed commercial licensing terms. 20 years ago
tconfpy-spec.txt Correct definition of returned symbol table. 20 years ago
tconfpy.3 Finished advanced section for programmers. 19 years ago
tconfpy.py Added .OSTYPE to predefined system variables. 20 years ago
test-tc.1 Minor edits and clarifications. 20 years ago
test-tc.py Changed initial namespace to always be "" even if the user selects 20 years ago