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Build Standard Tools

This is automation support for the linuxbrew-based tools procedure documented at:


How To Use The Makefile

This makefile handles both the bootstrapping and then the full release of a custom linuxbrew based toolset, installed at any location you wish (so long as you have write permission there).

Before doing anything, edit the variables as the top of the makefile to reflect where you want the built tarballs to be exported, where you intend to install the tools, and what set of tools you want installed.

Building The Bootstrap Image

Building The Full Tools Set

The brewenv File

The brewenv file contains the environment variables necessary to access your installed binaries and support files. You may find this useful when doing the builds. You certainly will want this when running a final installation of your tools. Just be sure to edit it and change TOOLSDIR="/opt/TundraWare/tools" to wherever your tools installation actually lives.