mkapachepw / TODO
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- Harder pw encryption. bcrypt?


Mailing list?

Unix Only
  - Only tested on FBSD
    * Should work on other *nix if pw and apache use same hash alg

Document exit codes.

Note ability to repeat command line arguments

Accounts without login permission (pw = '*') automatically suppressed.
  - Can be overriden with an explicit command line inclusion: -U | +accountname

Enumerated In/Excludes
  - Applies to *all* entries from system and/or included files
  - Can be a quoted space-separate list or separate, repeated cmdline entries for each

Include File
  - Throws away comments and blank lines in included files.
  - Does no validation for sanity of included file content.
  - Included files read *after* system group/pw databases
      * Entry in included file will *replace* system entry
  - Can have multiple includes on the command line
  - BOGUSID - what it means/how to use

Useful Tricks - Scenarios
  - Use *only* external include files
      * Set -g and -u so high that no system info is included
      * -s flag
  - Use *no* files - explicit includes only
      * -g 100001 -u 100001 -G .... -U ....

Installation Section
  - FBSD
  - Other