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Using *s5* With *Restructured Text*

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**Some Thoughts On RandomCo**

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*By R.U. Kidding-Me, Ph.D., Th.D, DDS, CNE, EIEIO*

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Presentation Overview

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Why Should You Care?

- ``RestructuredText/S5`` is an easy way to go from plain text to
  final slides. (With no or very minimal explicit markup.)

  - This makes it a snap to go from your meeting notes straight
    into slides.

  - ``S5`` by itself is a major pain - you have to know a lot of ``HTML``.
  - But ``RestructuredText`` on top of ``S5`` makes the process
    almost trivial.

- It generates XHTML which means your slides can be web hosted.

- It's all Open Source and Free.

  - ``s5`` is built on ``JavaScript`` and uses ``CSS``.
  - ``RestructuredText`` is written in ``Python``.

- It's themable so you can "brand" your slide sets.

- *WAY* quicker than PowerPoint/OO Presentation for most applications.

- Be sure to mouse over the lower right corner of each page to see
  the navigation tools.

- You'll find more information on all this in the Appendix_

Meeting Mechanics

- It would be best if we could get all the way through the presentation
  in "Read Only" mode.  This will allow you to understand the entire
  analysis in context.  This will be followed by an open-ended QA session.

- Ed Murphy will present our findings using interpretive dance.

.. image:: images/penguindance.jpg
           :height: 200
           :width:  200
           :align: center
           :alt: Dancing Penguin Image Missing! (Where Did He Go?)

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Possible Responses

- As you hear us present today, you will have one of three responses:

   - "Oh, I/we already know that."
   - "Hmm, that's new to me - good point."
   - "``Dude``, that is *Sooooooo* **wrong**!"

- Each of these are important ways that you will validate and/or act upon
  our findings.

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1. RandomCo has no idea where its data center is located.

2. RandomCo doesn't know how many servers are in the data center.

3. RandomCo uses trained squirrels on a treadmill for UPS.

4. We've thus built the models using estimates for certain critical

5. RandomCo can update these models at will to make use of "real" data
   and thereby get better model output.

*This slide illustrates Enumerated Lists and Incremental Display.*

How We Worked

Our process called for research in certain key areas:

     Are the squirrels located?

    Are the squirrels fed?

    Pays for the squirrels?

    Will the Anti-Cruelty Society find out?

*This slide illustrates Definition Lists.*

Key Findings

- RandomCo is in big trouble

  - The squirrels in the data center are very tired.
  - Sell the stock short.
  - Go to a place without an extradition treaty with the US.

- Ed Murphy is a fabulous dancer:   |squirrel|

*This slide illustrates Transitions and  Inline Graphics.*

Supporting Data

==============   ===  ==============
Squirrel Name    Age  % Utilization
--------------   ---  --------------

Rocky            1yr   90%
Furball          6mo   95%
SecretSquirrel   2mo   99%
==============   ===  ==============

*This slide illustrates Table Construction.* 

An In Closing ...

.. note::

   I would love to say more here but I have no meaningful content.

.. warning::

   If I ever enter politics, I will have lots of use
   for meaningless content.

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You'll find more information of interest at these locations:

  .. _Python: 
  .. _S5:     
  .. _RestructuredText:
  .. _s5demo.txt:

  - For Python_

  - For RestructuredText_

  - For S5_

  - Also see for a more
    general overview of Python document processing tools.

  - Finally, here is the "source code" for these slides:

*This slide illustrates Hyperlink Targets in a couple of forms.*