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**Some Thoughts On RandomCo**

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*By R.U. Kidding-Me, Ph.D., Th.D, DDS, CNE, EIEIO*

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Presentation Overview

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Meeting Mechanics

- It would be best if we could get all the way through the presentation
  in "Read Only" mode.  This will allow you to understand the entire
  analysis in context.  This will be followed by an open-ended QA session.

- Ed Murphy will present our findings using interpretive dance.

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  :alt: Dancing Penguin Image Missing! (Where Did He Go?)

Possible Responses

- As you hear us present today, you will have one of three responses:

   - "Oh, I/we already know that."
   - "Hmm, that's new to me - good point."
   - "Dude, that is *Sooooooo* wrong!"

  Each of these are important ways that you will validate and/or act upon
  our findings.


- A lot of baseline data such as machine inventories, levels of
  utilization, application response time, and arrival rate profiles
  was either missing, incomplete, or inconsistent across systems.

- Some data (such as pricing) was completely unavailable to us.

- We've thus built the models using estimates for certain critical

- RandomCo can update these models at will to make use of
  "real" data and thereby get better model output.

Key Findings

- RandomCo is in big trouble
- Ed Murphy is a fabulous dancer

An In Closing ...

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   I would love to say more here but I have no meaningful content.

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   If I ever enter politics, I will have lots of use
   for meaningless content.